Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wow, it has been a while!


Things have been busy, and my hobbies have been changing as of late.  As the hat season faded away, I found a new passion!

what is it?


I have always loved taking pictures, but after practicing with my DSLR, I started to discover that I may be capable of something more than just point-and-shoot work!  I have been having a blast taking and editing pictures.

 Chase Photography  << click here to view my growing portfolio!

I am finally at a point with my parenting, where I can admit I need breaks every so often.  I love my son more than words can explain- but a little mommy time really helps my mental well being.  Photography has been one of my outlets lately.  I can escape reality for a while, and find beauty out in the world.  It is so relaxing, and when people compliment my work I really feel good!

Do you have that one thing that really makes you feel fantastic? Share in the comments below!