Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rock&Roll is here to stay

I finally got a copy of this year's September Issue of Vogue!

Normally, I go through fashion envy each year, and wish I had a disposable income to keep up with the latest fall trends.  Well, to my surprise- I can be "trendy" this year without spending a dime!

Let me backtrack-
In high school and in my (earliest) 20's, I was more of a rocker-chick.  Even though I will still enjoy punk, metal, etc on any given day, I have toned the look down over the years- especially since becoming a mom.  I get looks for having piercings and tattoos, I couldn't imagine how people would react if I sported leather and biker boots. Now, not that I'm one to "mold" myself into society's standards, but I'd rather not deal with the drama.

ready for some throwback pictures?

Anyway- back to Vogue.

To my delight, the magazine was filled with black, edgy clothes, leather, studs, metallics, biker boots- and even candy colored hair! just.plain.rock- and I LOVE it!  Now I know people are less likely to dive into the rock look.  One way to ease into it is to mix with feminine looks (see my Rebel Belle post).  Another- is with hair and makeup.  I created a tutorial for a metallic eye shadow look- that's not too over-the-top.  Please, keep in mind I'm not good on camera (yet) haha!

click HERE to view  my youtube tutorial of the following look:


Monday, August 20, 2012

moving up, and moving on

My sister is leaving for college tomorrow.

Ever since she started taking gifted (honors) classes in middle school she has been planning and preparing for this day. We all have, as a family. She is my only sibling, and we are 6 years apart.

I knew that she was brilliant the day she taught herself algebra just by gazing at my homework. I couldn't believe it, but I remember it like it was yesterday. She was coloring something while I tapped my pencil on the table and slouched my head against my left shoulder. She looked over at my homework page and said, "x equals (#)." I stared at her and smiled, thinking to myself *its not that easy*. Low and behold, she was right. I checked my work three times to be sure. When I asked her how she figured it out she said, "oh- I just did it in my head."

That was 10 years ago.

Flash forward- after receiving a $10k per year scholarship to a private high school, being inducted into the National Honors Society, and receiving an $80k scholarship to a fantastic college- she's finally packing her bags. She has worked hard for this moment, but it is only a step towards the next chapter in her life.

I couldn't be more proud.

It is odd to say "see you at Thanksgiving!" Instead of "see you later." Its hard to imagine her not being in my parents house. I haven't cried (yet?) but I did hug her... Twice. My last words of advice to her were:

Have fun. Be smart. Be safe.

 I can only hope for the best as she moves up in the world, and on with her life.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Yearly Fall Favorites

My fall wardrobe has to be my favorite.  Aside from the phone-book-sized fashion magazines that I love to gaze at, I love the clothes.  I get to take out my Uggs, scarves, and long sleeved shirts. Comfy, cozy, and cute!  I've been going through pinterest and collecting ideas for this season.  Below are some pieces you can keep and wear every year.  Warmth will never go out of style!

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I rock boots from August-April, mainly my Uggs

One idea that I'm loving this year is knit boot warmers- they're adorable and functional.
Way less hot than full socks

so cute for fall

well.... knit warmers in general....
love these

I'm also really into different styles of scarves this year.  I'm one to just throw on a classic scarf and throw it over my shoulder. Plain and boring- and all about function.  One idea I can't wait to try- a t-shirt scarf.  Click the link below to DIY

T shirt scarf

and of course- we cant forget about sweaters and jackets! one of the best parts of fall!  My favorite jacket is my black Guess Jacket.  I got it as a gift in 2010.  It transitions great between seasons and looks great dressed up as well as down.

Me on our Honeymoon in Ireland, 2010

Be sure to keep up with my pinterest to see other fall fashion favorites! 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rebel Belle

visit their web page

In the September issue of Cosmopolitan I saw an interesting fashion spread called Rebel Belle.  Equal parts rock and romance.  I love the idea of it, and it suits both sides of my style.  As a mom, I need things to be quick, comfortable, and easy access and coverage for nursing.  I've found a few looks that are easy on the budget of a stay at home mom, that still fit the idea of a "Rebel Belle"

Kohls has some great pieces to suit this trend- jackets, tops, dresses, etc. in women's and junior's!

Rock and Republic Embellished Chiffon TunicRock and Republic Embellished Open-Front JacketLC Lauren Conrad Ruched BlazerCandie's Openwork Sequin Dress

and don't forget about shoes! payless has some cute options to follow the look! (some are pricier than others)  If you're not into throwing a leather jacket over a feminine dress or top, try some black boots.  OR put some girly shoes with a fully rocked out outfit!  Don't be afraid to mix and match! Fall fashion can be effortless.

Womens Lower East SideWomen's Sammi Strap BootWomens Christian Siriano for PaylessWomen's Estella Platform BootieWomens Silvia Tcherassi for PaylessWomen's Montpellier Ruffle BootieWomens FioniWomen's Luring Ruffle Sandal

Try some romantic curls and a smokey eye to complete the look!  Have fun!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

quick tips for beauty

Ok ladies, one of the biggest changes as a mom (at least for me) is the daily beauty routine. Spending an hour on hair and makeup just can't happen- especially during that first year. That said, there are a couple things you can do to help your look!

Pony tail or messy bun. This has been my go-to hairstyle for the past 8 months. Sometimes I throw in a cute clip, but that's about as wild as I've gotten on a day-to-day basis.

Tonight I came across a tutorial for a sock bun. Yes- SOCK! I tried it, and its adorable! It took me all of 30 seconds, and it looks far better than throwing my hair into a self made "bun." Another cool aspect? Leave it in overnight for amazing curls to rock the next day! Bye bye curling iron- hello 30 second sock!


Before: primer, foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, powder, eyeshadow primer, shadows (3-4 shades), liner, mascara, lip gloss.

Now: *reads above* bahahaha yeah- right. Quick look: brown shadow and mascara.

To open up those tired eyes- put a tad of white (shadow or liner) on the inner corners of your eye lids, and just a touch of white (or shimmer) shadow on your brow bone- just below your eyebrows.

To keep your skin looking fresh- never go to bed with makeup on, and drink plenty of water!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bitter Sweet Milestones and babyproofing

On Sunday, my son turned 8 months old.  It seems almost overnight he started pouring out milestones.  He sat up from a laying position without assistance, started rocking on his knees, and took his first few crawl steps this morning!

We are so excited and proud of him. Yesterday, his friend came over who is two months older than her.  She has been crawling for weeks.  When I prepared for this meeting I took down blinds, hid cords, and plugged outlets.  I thought I did a good job- until this little girl was pulling herself up on my dining room chairs and finding every little mistake I made.  She was adorable- and more of a help than she'll ever know.  I can better prepare for my son's new ability!

In order to keep my son completely safe, and to avoid injuries to the best of my ability, I started to research ways to improve my baby proofing.  I came across a great article from Parents Magazine- and I'd like to pass it along!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

oh technology

how I hate when things go wrong.

try and erase drafts?
end up erasing the post I made this morning about cloth diapers........


note to self: leave things be, especially when exhausted.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

war on nursing..?

To breastfeed, or not to breastfeed? For me, there was no question. I knew, before I was pregnant, that I would do my very best with trying to breastfeed my child. Many mothers make the same choice, and many others do not. Women have the right to chose. What I don't understand is the battle that some nursing mothers go through while feeding their child.

Whether its nasty looks, vicious comments, or negative responses to nursing in the news, moms who breastfeed have to face this negativity at one point or another- unless they become hermits.

The following are various comments I've seen and heard about nursing in public. I will tackle each one with some food-for-thought.

1. "She should take it to the bathroom"
-really? REALLY? The bathroom? You mean- sit on the toilet (or the floor??) And listen to/ smell what others are doing in there? Absolutely not! Why don't YOU take YOUR dinner to the bathroom and see how well you stomach it.

2. "They make covers for a reason"
-personally, my son would cause more of a scene fighting with me over the blanket than he would by calmly nursing. You would see MORE of my breast while I try to fight him to keep the blanket over his face. Not only that, but in hot weather- I couldn't imagine being cuddled up to something that's 98.6 degrees AND have a blanket over my head while eating. Yuck!

3. "Its indecent exposure"
-no, actually, its not. Each state has a slight variation to their laws on public nursing, but each state basically says a mom is LEGALLY allowed to nurse wherever she is otherwise authorized to be. Yes, that's right, nursing mothers are protected by LAW!

4. "Its sexual abuse"
-Yes. Believe it or not- its been said. I can't even comment on it without cussing...

5. "Can't she just give the baby a bottle?"
-ok, let me explain this one. First of all, not every mom can afford a pump. Yes, she can hand express- but she won't get much. With an expensive electric pump I can sit there for about 20min and get an ounc, TOTAL from BOTH sides if I'm lucky. My son needs at least 4oz PER bottle. If I'm going out on short notice- I can't magically pump the right amount. A baby's mouth does a far superior job of getting the milk. Yes, I have a stash in the freezer but it is for (a) date nights and (b) emergencies. I will not waste it while my baby is WITH me because some prude can't stand to see breasts being used for what they're designed to do!

Another way to wrap it up: breast is best, and it is my legal right to feed my child in public using my breasts- and his needs come way before a stranger that has issues with nursing.

Stop giving nursing moms hell- and start supporting them while they give their baby the very best nutrition possible!



As I write this first post, my 8 month old son is asleep on my chest.

Being his mother has changed my life completely, but in the best of ways.  I'm never alone.  I get to be a teacher, a friend, a cook, a maid, a photographer, and of course- my son's biggest fan.  I'll never forget the overwhelming feeling of holding him for the first time.  One of my arms was still strapped to the surgery table, and I was shaking uncontrollably.  The c-section was almost over, but the skin-to-skin contact with my baby was a feeling unmatched by any other.  I have never felt such love.

8 months have flown by in an instant it seems.  He's almost crawling, stomping his feet when you hold his hands and walk him across the room. He smiles, laughs, babbles, and has an Irish temper like his mama. He has an amazing personality.

Most moments as a mother are wonderful, but so many thinks left us feeling overwhelmed.  Are we doing enough?  Are we good mothers?  Do we worry too much?  Not enough?

I will go through life and do the best that I can to be the mother he deserves.