Saturday, July 20, 2013

How to rock the rock look

It's nothing new- I love the rock look. Regardless of the current trends, it's something I lean towards when I build my wardrobe. I do get excited when I see it in the current trends, though! For one- I'll get less odd looks in public (giggle).  Well once again- leather, black, studs, and biker boots are filling the fall previews this year!

For those who have been wanting to give it a try.... it's easy! You can take a lot of what you already have, and just add a couple pieces!

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First and foremost- find a good jacket.  A leather jacket is timeless, and it will last!  I've had mine for 6 years, and I love it!  Find one that fits your form well.

Here are a few starter clothes, with added rock pieces for a complete look.  I'm sure you have something similar in your wardrobe somewhere!

Leather, studs, and metallic. It's simple!  The key is to look effortless.  Grab a shirt, a jacket, and some edgy shoes and accessories and you're done! 

Still unsure?  Take a look at some of your favorite female rockers and piece outfits together that way!

I *love* Joan Jett.  Her rock look is classic.  Black on black, leather, jeans, studs (you name it)!

Lzzy Hale (Halestorm) has a little bit more to her look than black on black- but she always has that rocker edge!

Just have fun with it!
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