Saturday, June 15, 2013

Photography as Art

As my photography begins to form into a business, I am spending a lot of time with my camera in my hand.  I enjoy photographing families, children, and models.  Scheduled photo shoots are fun, and it warms my heart to hear back from happy clients.  The time I spend photographing and editing is my way to relax and enter into a magical, fantasy world where the rules can bend.

But what happens in between shoots?  


I am constantly taking pictures of things in nature, and other things that interest me.  On top of local photo shoots, I am now offering photography as art prints!  Some are touched up with color, others are made to look like paintings, and some are more graphic!  It is a lot of fun, using my creativity beyond the click of the lens. 

I have noticed a change in the way I see the wold, too.  Every day, I look at my surroundings and can picture how they would look framed in someones home.  I imagine the angle I could use, which editing techniques would work best, and perhaps a texture finish.  Of course, I don't always have my camera with me. But, when I do, I create these pieces.  

I also wanted to be able to offer a product those those who aren't local, yet enjoy my work.  After I made the decision to offer printing packages to clients, I decided to offer my more artistic pieces as well! 

 I offer prints on several types of paper, as well as canvas!

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