Saturday, June 29, 2013

decorating your small space: pt. 1

I started talking about organizing a small space- but what about taking a cramped space and making it feel cozy?  I thought I'd take some time to go over a few ways to make your space feel more like a home.

First thing's first- make it feel like you! What is your style?  What makes you feel the most at-ease? need inspiration? take this fun quiz for some ideas!

Ways to make it your own

1. Throw pillows
throw pillows on chairs and couches is an easy accent piece that can be interchanged for different occasions and holidays!  Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns and colors- just try to keep a similar theme throughout your decorating!  My couch has a mixture of gold, brown, and leopard print pillows, just as an example!

2. Pictures
hang up those pictures! Family photos, or even paintings!
I have family pictures all over the place.  I'll also be hanging the following prints soon!

My son's room:
I created both of these using images I captured during the super moon, as well as two sky pictures taken on different days! His bedspread is dinosaurs, so I wanted to incorporate them in his room more!

The kitchen
I made these two from various pictures I've taken- for my kitchen!

(custom artistic prints are available through chase photography or by emailing

stay tuned for part two! as well as organization updates! the big move is tomorrow/ monday- so I'll be taking plenty of pictures of my new organization tricks and tips!



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  1. Good luck with the move! I love reading about decorating and the like, so I'm pumped for the upcoming posts! :)