Friday, June 21, 2013

Sensory Bins for $5 or LESS!

Who doesn't want to save money?  I have found plenty of crafts and activities at my local dollar store! I decided while browsing one afternoon that I should finally make one for my son. (I've been meaning to for months!)

So, what is a sensory bin?  A sensory bin, is a box or bin filled with things to engage a child's senses! Sight, sound, touch- but lets stay away from taste! (parental supervision is always a good idea).  They can help with motor skills, identifying objects, patterns, sorting, counting- the list goes on! It is a fun (and sometimes cheap) way to entertain and teach!

Well, I've been collecting ideas for a while now, and I finally made my son one!  I searched the isles of the dollar store and collected items for his very first bin.  I like the idea of theming each bin- so I tried to keep the objects within the same idea.


For $4 I got the bin, the bugs, the moss, and the plastic "grass" for this bin!  He loves it.  I will say- the moss is pretty messy... I wouldn't recommend it.. but the rest has been a hit with him!  He sits with this for a while and plays with the bugs, touches the grass, and even does a little pretend play!

you can buy various toys (be wary of choking hazards- and again- supervise) and textures at the dollar store, or use natural bottoms like sand or dirt! I would LOVE to make a construction bin with trucks and dirt and rocks!

You want to go even cheaper?

here is another idea I plan to use soon:  nature bin
-grab a bin at the dollar store (with a lid) or use one you already have!
-take your little one outside and let them collect rocks, grass, twigs, flowers, etc! They can have fun creating the bin with you, and look at it/ play with it later on. All for $1! (unless you have the bin)

let me know what you try! enjoy!


  1. plain pasta or rice works great for a cheap sensory bin. Give them that, and a cup to pour and fill with the rice or pasta, they will love it

    1. That's a great idea! My son loves to pour things! Thank you for sharing!