Sunday, July 7, 2013

new banner!

I created a new banner! what do you think of it?

here is the original image:

  • The typewriter has been placed somewhere in the 1920's! My mother found it at a yard sale (for $10 believe it or not!) and snagged it for me to use as a photo prop.
  • the white and blue book on top? well, it's a printed book with some of my photography work! 
  • the flowers are fake, and from the dollar store (another decorating tip! cheap yet cute decor can be found there!)
  • Lets talk about jewelry!  On my left hand: my wedding rings from Kay's, as well as a charm bracelet from Kay's.  The black pearl bracelet was a gift.  On my right hand: a snake ring from.... oh my.. I can't remember! (apologies). And a pink/ leopard print ring with diamond accents- also from Kay's!

I hope you enjoy the new look!

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