Saturday, December 29, 2012

Faye the cat

My husband and I had been discussing a pet for quite some time. We love dogs, but we want to wait until our son is older. We looked at hamsters and other small animals, but they don't have a long life span. Birds are too noisey... and we are done with fish at the moment.  A cat, we decided, would be perfect. Something to snuggle- but more independent than a dog.

We went to Petsmart today to see their selection. We looked at the first cat, a beautiful calico, but she seemed nervous with our son. We looked at her paper, and she was 10. While I feel bad for the older cats- we wanted one our son could grow with. So, we kept looking. The next window had a beautiful black cat. Small and gorgeous, two years old, and stared lovingly at all of us. We asked to meet her. She was perfect!

We filled out all of the paperwork, and were delighted to know we could bring her home today! We rushed around the store to buy all her needs, then took her home.

Faye stayed in her crate for a long time. I left the door open and set it near her food and litter box. Hours later, she finally started to explore. She lets me pet her and purrs, but she loves to hide! I hope she likes it here, we are already in love.

For those unaware, petsmart stores house rescue cats from local shelters. ♥

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