Saturday, July 6, 2013

decorating and organizing part 2

I have been busy as a bee unpacking and rearranging things in my new apartment.  The move went smoothly- but unpacking and decorating is taking a bit longer than expected.  This is due, in part, to the heat wave and high humidity here this week! I've got a groove going though, and a couple rooms done. I thought I'd share my progress with you!  I'm going to combine decorating and organization this time, since they're starting to go hand in hand.

The Bedroom
well, our bedroom isn't complete yet, but my son's room is!  Most of these tips can be used in any room.

When choosing furniture pieces, look for things with storage! Anything with extra shelves, hooks, etc! Both of these wooden pieces were found at yard sales! (you never know what you'll find!)

Soft toys are being stored on and under this shelving piece.  I think I may get more bins for the top as well!

I decided to add this into his room, since we no longer have a "mudroom"/ entryway.  I put it at his level, so he can take down his shoes and coats (and he's learning how to put them back!)

Another great tip, don't waste any space! There was a very small amount of space between his bed and dresser, and I was able to squeeze in his milk-crate bookshelves mentioned in the other post! perfect fit!!

The moon pictures I posted before are now on his wall, as well as a few other pieces so far! I have more plans- but it's a start!

My husband is part Algonquin.  Even though it looks like my son is all Celtic, we wanted him to embrace the other side of his heritage.  Dream catchers are a great way to do that!  We got the small one at a local powwow while I was still pregnant, and the large one was brought home by my sister from her trip in Costa Rica!

I also wanted to add his bed set. cute, right?  He loves dinosaurs, and when we transformed his crib into a toddler bed, he picked this out! I plan to do more with the dinosaur theme as time goes on.

The kitchen
Make sure every space in your kitchen has a purpose.  One area for pots and pans, one for food, one for dishes, etc, etc.  Try to keep your counters clutter-free, especially if you don't have a lot of them!  We have a corner shelf (not quite set up yet) that will hold our toaster oven and microwave!  We put other small appliances like our bread maker and slow cooker under the sink.

The kitchen is a great place to add a theme.  Have fun with it!! We have decided on "Cafe Chase" as our kitchen theme, and I love it! 

We don't have nearly as many cupboards as we used to, so space for dishes/ etc is limited.  I thought, especially since it fits the theme, that we would hang our matching mugs! (and put the rest in storage).  We have a limited amount of cups, also- and the rest of those will go into storage as well.

Mugs will be cleaned and hung up as they are used!

To see more of my decorating as I unpack, as well as some other fun things, follow me on Instagram!  I'm constantly posting things from home!

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  1. I absolutely love finding things at yards sales - I'm working on a post about it right now actually! Brayden's room looks great, and the kitchen is so cute! I love the hanging mugs; may need to incorporate it in our kitchen!

    1. I love yardsaling!!! Thank you! :D let me know if you try it!