Tuesday, August 6, 2013

safety first!

When photographing your children (or someone else's) it is important to keep safety in mind. Injury can easily happen from falls or from certain props. Accidents happen of course, but if you have a baby or child on an elevated place,  or if they are using a prop that could easily fall or tip, it is a good idea to have a spotter.

Newborn photography has its own set of safety guidelines. Please research and be cautious before trying more advanced positions.

To use as an example, I recently did a concept photo with my son.

I had this image in my mind for a while before I was able to create it. After gaining permission from my sister to use her equiptment, we went outside together and set up. Since my son is not capable of holding a guitar on his own yet, my sister stood by as a spotter!

Iinstagram: @schase1212

Do you see her fingers at the top of the guitar?  With some quick cloning in lightroom, I was able to remove them for the final picture!

What safety measures do you take for pictures? 


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