Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fall Fashion 2013 part 2

With all the ins and outs this year, I've noticed one consistency throughout the seasons- a sort-of laid back, grunge meets skate punk style.  Floppy hats, combat boots, flannels.... and it's continuing into fall!  I'm seeing a flashback to high school (as is my husband) but with more updated looks!

The Look
updated grunge

The idea of this look is to be comfortable.  Loose fitting clothing, ripped jeans, etc.  Imperfections and not-quite-matching pieces are okay!

{above} an off the shoulder sweater, grey jeans, cropped top, combat boots, and a floppy hat.

{above} a tank top with a plaid layer on top, ripped shorts, converse, and a chunky chain necklace

{above} a long, patterned and baggy sweater, graphic shirt, ripped jeans, and moto boots.

Have fun with it! 


Have you tried this look, or do you plan to?

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