Monday, November 19, 2012

out of state- out of my mind

Okay- so we are out of state for Thanksgiving, visiting my family.  Normally, this drive takes us about 7 hours. Today? It took us 11..... ELEVEN hours with an 11 month old. Let me start from the beginning.

We woke at 2:00am, made coffee, and loaded the rest of what we needed into the car before waking our son.  our neighbor (we live in a condo- 6 to a building) saw that we were up and knocked on our door.  It scared the day lights out of me!! But, I answered and asked what was going on.  She smiled, and asked if we had heat.
.....well I did notice that our heat was 10 degrees lower than what we set it on, but I guess I thought nothing of it at 2am.
Apparently the whole building was without heat.  I wasn't worried- we were about to leave for the week!

 Around 3, we woke him, changed him, and I nursed him.  We were on the road by 3:30.  We decided to give him his birthday gift early-  a leappad2- to keep him entertained for the long drive.  Everything started out just perfectly.  Our son was content, and it didnt take long until he was fast asleep again.

the first stop
a couple of hours in, we decided to stop and stretch our legs.  we pulled off of the highway and into a rest area. We had a plan: diaper, nurse, pee, snack, go!  Well, come to find out, the rest area was CLOSED and wouldnt open for over an hour! Once I was standing, my need to pee became an emergency.  Ever since my c-section, my bladder has been similar to that of a two year old's.  I had to go, and I had to go RIGHT THEN. 

I looked around- no port-a-pottys.  The entire rest area was filled with truck drivers, and a state trooper pulled in-- so the bushes and trees were not an option.  I knew there was nothing in the car I could use. So, what did I do?

I sat in the back seat.
and used not one- but two of my son's diapers.
I had to go that badly!

My husband was in the front seat, laughing at me, but I didnt care.  It was better than my pants!

the home
about an hour later we got a call from our heating company.  They said the problem had been fixed, and they were wondering if our furnace had turned on by itself.  We explained that we were out of state, and wouldn't be home for a week.  She asked if we could get a hold of our landlord as a percaution, just to make sure our pipes didnt freeze while we were gone.  She did add that the others were working fine, so there was a good chance that ours would be fine too.

our landlord? she's not only out of state for the holiday- she's out of COUNTRY!

back on the road
My son's interest in the LeapPad was off and on, but I had a secret weapon- My mom's portable DVD player.  I popped in a Baby Einstein DVD and put it on loop!  He was in heaven- talking to it and clapping his hands with the music.  I was able to read a little while he was so content!  However, this pure bliss only lasted for two hours- Then the DVD player died.

back to singing, switching out toys, and a whole lot more stopping to stretch!

after several stops and a few traffic jams- we finally arrived! I'm excited to be surrounded by family, and exhausted from our long ride. I'm hoping our getaway goes a little bit better than our day went!

what are you doing for Thanksgiving?

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