Sunday, November 4, 2012

Playing Catchup


My oh my, I have been neglecting my blog!  I have been busy at home with my son, and I have been crafting like crazy! Apparently.... I can crochet! who knew? Let me explain...

Two of my son's friends had birthdays last month- the same weekend! Money was a little tight, so gift giving was taking a back seat. However, both girls have been a very big part of my son's life so far, so I wanted to give them something.  My sister had let me borrow a crochet hook months before this, and I had practiced a few lines.  I looked up "crochet hat tutorial" on youtube, and low and behold- I whipped up a couple hats! They came out so cute!


After sharing these hats on a few social networks, I got FOUR custom orders from other people! And it grew from there! Now, I am preparing for a craft show on Dec 1st- on top of planning my son's first birthday party! (and the day to day stay at home mom duties)

Tomorrow is a shopping day- I'll make another fashion post soon with my finds!

oh, and check out my new craft page: Off With Their Hats


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