Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bitter Sweet Milestones and babyproofing

On Sunday, my son turned 8 months old.  It seems almost overnight he started pouring out milestones.  He sat up from a laying position without assistance, started rocking on his knees, and took his first few crawl steps this morning!

We are so excited and proud of him. Yesterday, his friend came over who is two months older than her.  She has been crawling for weeks.  When I prepared for this meeting I took down blinds, hid cords, and plugged outlets.  I thought I did a good job- until this little girl was pulling herself up on my dining room chairs and finding every little mistake I made.  She was adorable- and more of a help than she'll ever know.  I can better prepare for my son's new ability!

In order to keep my son completely safe, and to avoid injuries to the best of my ability, I started to research ways to improve my baby proofing.  I came across a great article from Parents Magazine- and I'd like to pass it along!


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