Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rock&Roll is here to stay

I finally got a copy of this year's September Issue of Vogue!

Normally, I go through fashion envy each year, and wish I had a disposable income to keep up with the latest fall trends.  Well, to my surprise- I can be "trendy" this year without spending a dime!

Let me backtrack-
In high school and in my (earliest) 20's, I was more of a rocker-chick.  Even though I will still enjoy punk, metal, etc on any given day, I have toned the look down over the years- especially since becoming a mom.  I get looks for having piercings and tattoos, I couldn't imagine how people would react if I sported leather and biker boots. Now, not that I'm one to "mold" myself into society's standards, but I'd rather not deal with the drama.

ready for some throwback pictures?

Anyway- back to Vogue.

To my delight, the magazine was filled with black, edgy clothes, leather, studs, metallics, biker boots- and even candy colored hair! just.plain.rock- and I LOVE it!  Now I know people are less likely to dive into the rock look.  One way to ease into it is to mix with feminine looks (see my Rebel Belle post).  Another- is with hair and makeup.  I created a tutorial for a metallic eye shadow look- that's not too over-the-top.  Please, keep in mind I'm not good on camera (yet) haha!

click HERE to view  my youtube tutorial of the following look:


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