Friday, September 21, 2012

Baby Wearing

My son is the type that prefers to be carried more often than not, especially in the earlier months.  Some days, the only way I can sweep the floor or grab a quick meal is if I wear him. It is also ideal if we are out somewhere and he grows tired of his stroller.

At first, we used the Moby Wrap.  It was wonderful, and oh-so comfortable.  He would often fall asleep while I carried him in it.  Unfortunately, as he grew, the Moby began to stretch too much while I wore him.  I sold it, and decided to try something new.

I asked around on CafeMom (that's right! I'm a CM-er) on what we should try next.  I wanted something that would last a lot longer than 6 months.  Almost everyone told me to try a ring sling- and many recommended BabyEtte.  As soon as I saw the work BabyEtte did, I knew I needed one.  Most of her slings are beautiful, but nothing spoke out to me. Instead, I contacted the creator for a custom order.  She is very sweet, and worked with me to come up with a great custom piece! A few weeks later, we got our sling in the mail.... and I LOVE it! I use it several times a week.  My son loves it too, and snuggles close while we walk around together.  I even use it to walk to our mailbox, instead of putting him in the stroller!

visit her shop here!

The main thing to remember with any type of baby wearing- is safety.  Do your research before deciding if it is for you, and pay attention to detail each and every time you wear your baby.


ps: Daddy can wear too! I clicked this pic of my husband and son:

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