Saturday, September 22, 2012

how to wear this fall's top trends- part 1

New York Fashion week is over- and there are plenty of fabulous trends this year to try!

Color: Gemstones-
think Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, etc etc. Bold, bright, and beautiful.  Below is a look that can be used for work or a job interview, with one loud pop of color. The peplum top is another trend this season, as well as the ankle booties!

Look: Capes-
the easiest way to pull off this look is with a jacket that has a cape top.  It can easily be worn casually, or with business attire! Make sure when you go big on top- you stay slim underneath! You don't want to over-bulk your look.  The studded accessory adds a little rock and roll to the look- another hot trend this fall.

Look: Peplum-
as mentioned above, peplums are another trend this fall. They add curve to those who are petite, and accentuate curves that a woman may already have! Below is a casual look.  It would be great for, say, a date? Or lunch with the girls! You'll really stand out with colored skinny jeans, and biker-style ankle boots!


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