Saturday, September 22, 2012

Simple, Comfortable, Mommy wear

Taking the trends- and wearing them as a MOM!

As a mom, especially one to young children, its harder to rock some of the latest trends.  The key, is to take pieces that are comfortable and easy and apply them to today's trends.  Lets face it, its hard to walk around with a baby or toddler when you're in sky high heels.  Instead, try short heels or flats.

What I did here:
  • ankle boots with a short, chunky heel.
  • jean shorts
  • stockings
  • black tank top
  • knit cape/ shaw

Keep in mind ladies- just because you're a mom, it doesn't mean that you forget about yourself. Of course, we're always the last on our to-do-lists... and that's fine. BUT once everyone else is taken care of- don't forget to do something for yourself.


ps: I realized as I posted this, that the mirror I used is dirty... hahaha the things you don't realize when you change, take photos, and post to your blog quickly in between meals, diapers, nursing, etc etc etc... <3

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