Saturday, January 19, 2013

Guest look of the day: hubby

I'm proud of my husband's style transformation. When we met his wardrobe consisted of decade-old shirts with holes, old jeans 3 sizes too big, and too-tight band tees. And the shoes..... he wore his dirty, gross, work shoes everywhere!

While I respect that "grunge" was in at one time, I felt his style (and confidence) needed an upgrade.  After four years of being together (two of them married) I have finally gotten him to a point where he feels OKAY to spend money on himself- and really looks put together!

He kept his rocker edge (something I love about him) but with more flare.

"I feel more mature, more grown up. Ya, it actually has [helped my confidence]" -hubby

(His coat, by the way, is Guess)

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