Friday, January 4, 2013

In sickness and in health

My son has been sick for a week now. Poor thing. His nose has been stuffed, and his cough is ongoing. The pediatrician says it is only a virus and nothing to worry about.

I woke today with my head feeling three sizes too big. Stuffy nose, sore throat, dizzyness, and of course- coughing. It seems mommy has caught the bug! If it's the same thing, I feel even worse for my poor son. This is no fun at all!!

My wonderful husband has the day off today. Thank goodness. He has taken it upon himself to cook, clean, and help with our sick son while I rest! (Keeper for sure). He even offered to stay home tomorrow- instead of going to the UNH/ RPI hockey game with my family. It is obvious I won't be going, but I don't want him to miss it. He deserves a night out- especially after all his help so far today!

Which has me thinking back to our vows, of course.

For better or for worse: we have hit some hard times in our marriage, and this vow helped us through it. The reminder that we promised ourselves to each other, no matter what!

In sickness and in health: he was there for my complicated pregnancy, and I have been there through his diabetic struggles. Today he has shown once more that he cares for us deeply. As a stay at home mom- uninterrupted rest is one of the best gifts I can get, especially when I'm sick.

Until death do us part. The love of my life. ♥

I really did find a good one.

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