Sunday, January 6, 2013

transforming my home with DIY projects

Over the next few months I plan to take on some projects to make our dwelling feel more like home.  (On top of being mom, writing, and crocheting of course).  It will be a few years before we are ready to buy a house, but we are loving the place we rent now!  And with three floors, I have a lot to work with!  The following are some ideas (from pinterest) that I just can't wait to try!

Magnetic Makeup Holder

magnets & spray paint ~ this is a way good idea!

I have boxes and bags filled with makeup, brushes, etc etc. This idea seems simple enough! Once I gather all of the supplies, I should have it done in one afternoon.  I would really like to find a more antique looking- possibly round frame to use. While my ELF shadow pallet would be much to big for this idea- my brushes, blush, etc would fit quite nicely!

Drawer Shadow Box

Drawers on the wall

I think this idea is so adorable! and quick! I think I will make them for my son's room.  I can paint them to look like bird houses, or birch tree pieces.  It would be a great holder for his little shoes and other memories.  (his room has hand painted birch trees, going to stick with the woodland theme).

Coffee Table Bench

Should do this with our old coffee table sitting in storage - 1 old coffee table, padding, fabric, and staple gun = chic bench seat

I would probably do a plain color- but this would be a perfect addition to our entry way! It would help me get my son ready too.  I even have an old coffee table that doesn't match our new furniture!

There are a ton more on my wish list, but I think I'll start with  these.  I'll report back with finished products!

to see what else I'm eyeing, follow me on Pinterest.

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